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 Eden USA Catalog-Speakers (Self-Powered and Passive)s 

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With some exceptions, pricing listed is normally based upon on a WEEKEND, or 3 to 5 day (we are very flexible in this regard) rental period.  Pricing for additional days will usually be discounted depending on item availability.  We also have long-term rentals, and can SHIP NATIONWIDE (items as indicated).

Rent JBL SRX815P Self-Powered Speakers (PAIR)

JBL SRX815P Self-Powered Speakers (PAIR)

  (Item ID: 304, QBID: EA0805-TOP08, QTY: 4)
Basic Description
The JBL SRX815P represents the next generation of premium powered loudspeaker technology from JBL Professional. Featuring 3 inch voice coils, 2000 Watts of Crown Amplification, rugged enclosures with JBLs patented DuraFlex coating, and a full suite of on-board user configurable DSP, the SRX815P is a perfect all in one solution wherever high performance, comprehensive control, and pristine sound are required. High frequencies are handled by an annular polymer diaphragm compression driver that features a best in class 3" voice coil coupled to ...



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Rent JBL EON-10P G2 Speakers

JBL EON-10P G2 Speakers

  (Item ID: 162, QBID: EA0320-004, QTY: 2)
Basic Description
Even more power

One of the most significant enhancements from the original EON is the increased power stage. EON15 G2's double the power of their predecessor with 300 Watts going to the low frequency driver. A dedicated 100 Watts feeds the high-frequency driver, as well. You'll have all the headroom necessary to get that little extra boost in volume when the crowd is really digging your set. There's no fear of driving the speaker too hard. All your tone will come through clean and dis...



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Rent Stagegear RCF 15 with 18-Sound Horn

Stagegear RCF 15 with 18-Sound Horn

  (Item ID: 299, QBID: EA0805-TOP01, QTY: 8)
Basic Description

Mid-high top for mains or monitor functionality.  Mid-High cabinet custom built by Stagegear, using extremely dense Russian Baltic Birch 13-ply wood.  Contains a single RCF (LS15S800) or 18-Sound (15MB1000) woofer, with an 18-Sound XR2064-2 horn and 18-Sound 2080T 2-inch driver.  Matched perfectly to our AMP RACK-III amplifier/crossover system (not included).

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Rent JBL SRX-715 High Power 2-Way Speaker

JBL SRX-715 High Power 2-Way Speaker

  (Item ID: 239, QBID: EA805-TOP06, QTY: 4)
Basic Description
Please note that the price published IS FOR A PAIR (2) OF SPEAKERS. The JBL SRX715 is a high-power, lightweight two-way loudspeaker system offering the highest level of performance available from a speaker that can be placed on a pole *or* standard speaker tripod stand. The SRX715 is comprised of a JBL 15-inch 2265H patented Differential Drive woofer which handles 800 watts (continuous), yet the entire speaker weighs only 48-pounds. For high frequencies, a JBL 3-inch voice coil 2431H, neodymium compression driver is mounted to a 75° by 50° a...



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Displaying Records 1 Through 4 of 8 Total Records

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