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 About Eden USA | Our Story 


Eden USA provides high-quality professional dj gear rentals, sound systems, lighting, staging services and rentals for concerts, festivals, weddings, of all types, small to large.  We are proud to boast that we have one of the LARGEST HIGH-END DJ GEAR RENTAL INVENTORY on the West and East Coasts, serving the professional and traveling DJ, from BOOTH gear to small sound systems, and up to very large sound and lighting systems for heavy-hitting shows (like extreme Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) concerts and shows).

Eden USA began serving CALIFORNIA clients in 1995, then expanded services in 2002 to the general NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY area and the city of LAS VEGAS, where we continue daily operations.  In addition to our regular locations, Eden USA maintains a network of affiliates whom provide sound, staging, and lighting rentals and services under our name.  We are incorporated in the State of Nevada, serving the Las Vegas, California, New Jersey and New York City areas.

We currently have local pickup available in California and Las Vegas, but NOT on the East Coast (New York & New Jersey) coasts.  Items which are 100-pounds and under, can be shipped nationwide.  This is good news for promoters in other cities working with traveling DJs, so they don't have to bring their own gear on the road with them, risking loss or serious damage.  And for event Production Managers and Nightclub Owners that need to fulfil a ryder with specific requested gear, we more than likely will have it in our rental or sales inventory, or can locate it, and will handle the rental and shipping details.  We also have multiple small, medium and large sound systems which are all designed to withstand the rigors of extreme conditions on the road, live sound, and electronic dance music production/playback.


In addition to consulting with you on the exact services you need for your event, we deliver, setup, test, engineer (if required) train, tear-down and pickup the gear.  What this means to you is that you can remain focused on your event and, in most cases, will not be liable for damages to the equipment while it is under our care.

Although most of our rental services include delivery, setup, and engineering services, we also offer a will call type of rental for select event professionals, whereupon clients can pickup select items from a nearby location (note that there is a $100.00 minimum order amount for WILL CALL orders).  Most, but not all, items can be rented individualy.  However, certain high-end items such as our large sound and lighting systems can only be rented WITH DELIVERY AND OPERATION SERVICES.  Please call us at 866.501.3336 for more information.   If you have worked with us already or you already know exactly what you need, please use our NO OBLIGATION REQUEST FOR QUOTE (RFQ)  to receive a custom, detailed quote.


We accept all major credit cards (American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard) to reserve and/or pay for the rental or services ordered.  Unless you are a non-profit, a charity organization or school, we usually accept no other form of payment-especially for first-time clients.  We look forward to working with you to provide the highest quality sound system rental, staging rental, or lighting rental service at your next event!


If you have never produced an event for which you need to sublet/subcontract rental gear and engineers, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our FREE EVENT CONSULTING SERVICES.  In addition to consulting with you on the GEAR and SERVICES which you may need for your event, we deliver, setup, test, engineer (if required) train, tear-down and pickup the gear.  What this means to you is that you can remain focused on making your event a success!

To speak us regarding your event, call either: 866.501.3336  OR 951.496.4236.  We can help you decide on the right services and/or equipment needed and provide a fast, NO OBLIGATION quote on the telephone.  Or, if you already know what you need, click on the REQUEST FOR QUOTE button above, to get started.


At this time, we are working at making our website more mobile friendly. It is a very difficult and time-consuming project. Hopefully it will be done soon, so that we can go back to concentrating on the work we are doing on the back end accounting area.

THIS PROJECT IS ON HOLD: We continue to beef up our RENTAL CATALOG, working on it on nearly a daily basis.  We also continue to work on a very full-featured online booking system which you may use to reserve sound, staging, and lighting rental services.  To register with us, so that you'll be notified when the booking system is ready, click REGISTER WITH EDEN to get started.


Eden USA website is 100% HAND-WRITTEN, using a combination of HTML, XHTML, ASP, SQL, and JavaScript code.  That's right...hand written.  Not a single line of code was generated using Dreamweaver, or any other automated scripting tool(s).  As we are a bunch of smart engineers over here anyway, we also host it ourselves, on a very fast Dell PowerEdge R610 server, running Windows Server 2019 (IIS 10.0)  It may be an ugly site, but we are working on it.

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We Accept Credit Cards and Pay Pal for our Sound, Lighting, and Stage Rental Services
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