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  The following features are available with a customer account:

  • Streamlined Booking Process
    Get more work done in less time.  Orders and venue information is saved in a database and can be used to create a new booking based upon a past booking.  Credit card information can be saved, updated, deleted anytime, making payments a two-click process.

  • Online Transaction History
    See at a glance all of your financial transactions--view, print, or email previous orders.  Make multiple payments using our EZ-PAY plan (OAC).  Payment reminders are automatically emailed 48-hours before the payment due date.

  • Accessibility Anywhere
    All you need is an Internet connection!  Website is mobile phone friendly, making it even easier to manage your booking.  You can send a text to us directly from the website, and you can also choose to have payment reminders emailed and sent via text as well.

  • Custom Ordering Tools
    Assemble your own lighting, staging, or sound system, or choose from pre-defined packages, then modify/customize as you choose.  Many of our items are also available for sale, USED or NEW.