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 Used Sound, Lighting and DJ Gear for Sale | Purchase Used Sound and Lighting Gear 

I. USED GEAR SALES: Eden USA currently has some very-well maintained, used sound and lighting equipment available for purchase.  Some of items that we are letting go are the now discontinued (they are no longer being manufactured) and very much loved Technics Turntables.  If you have a DJ friend, let him/her know about these.  They will not want to miss our on acquiring an important part of music history.  Each of the Technics Turntables will start out at $350.00, and that INCLUDES a Road-Ready case!  We have seen the M5Gs go for as much as $1,000.00+ on eBay.  We have a total of 7-remaining units for sale.  After the last series of rentals where these went out, we felt it's not a good idea to rent them out to the public anymore.  They are all in very good-physical and working condition, and deserve to spend the rest of their days in somebody's house, on the stereo shelf.

II. HOW TO PURCHASE: If there is a price listed, we are willing to listen to offers.  If no price is listed, it's because we don't know yet what that item is worth at this time, but WILL have a pretty darn good idea.  There will be NO TAXES on any items.  You can come to us, or we can deliver (for some fuel/time expenses).  We can even bring it in and set it up for you, if you have the need (some of this stuff is quite heavy).  Except for EIGHT 18-inch subs, we are NOT selling ANY of our BIG SOUND gear or ANY of our staging gear.


  • QBIDEA0720-001: PAR CANS-CHROME, PAR64, 500-watt: QTY = 24  [ PHOTO ]
  • QBIDEA0720-002: PAR CANS-BLACK, PAR64, 500-watt: QTY = 8
  • QBIDEA0720-003: PAR CANS-CHROME, PAR56, 300-watt: QTY = 8
  • QBIDEA0720-004: PAR CANS-BLACK, PAR56, 300-watt: QTY = 8  [ PHOTO ]
  • ALTMAN 65Q FRESNEL-Adjustable lense, very high-quality light fixture, 500-watt: QTY = 42  PRICE: $50.00 each  [ PHOTO ]
  • Elation Show Designer I-DMX Controller for Moving Head Fixtures: QTY = 1  PRICE: $35.00
  • American DJ MY-DMX v2.0, USB DMX Controller and Software: QTY = 1  PRICE: $100.00
  • American DJ Emerald-Beam Lasers: QTY = 2  PRICE: $75.00 each
  • American DJ Mighty Scan Scanners (Made in Germany): QTY = 4  PRICE: $50.00 each
  • Omnisistem DF-V6 Vertical Fog Machine: QTY = 4  PRICE: $50.00 each
  • Omnisistem Green Stinger Laser: QTY = 2  PRICE: $50.00 each
  • Martin Mania DC-1 "Water" Effect Light: QTY = 6  PRICE: $50.00 each
  • Martin Mania DC-2 "Fire" Effect Light: QTY = 6  PRICE: $50.00 each
  • Martin Mania DC-3 "Oil" Effect Light: QTY = 1  PRICE: $100.00 each
  • JBL EON 10p, (small booth monitor or sound system), PRICE $450.00 for the PAIR
  • Denon S9000 platter-style CD unit, with Denon X800 mixer, in mixer-top, with custom back-panel, PRICE: $350.00
  • Denon S5000S CD Turntables, in Coffin, with mixer, No Longer Available (the coffin alone cost more than that)
  • Pair of Road-Ready cases for Technics Turntables-BRAND NEW, NEVER USED: PRICE: $150.00 for the pair SOLD!
  • Turntable coffin, in excellent shape; fits a pair of Technics perfectly, along with any 19-inch mixer, PRICE: $100.00
  • Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKII in Road Ready case-(2 pieces) PRICE: $300.00 each
  • Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKIII in Road Ready case-(2 pieces) PRICE: $350.00 each
  • Pioneer DJM909 2-channel mixer, in Road Ready case (BRAND NEW) (1 piece) SOLD!
  • Pioneer DJM600 4-channel mixer, in Road Ready case SOLD!
  • Pioneer DJM800 4-channel mixer, in Road Ready case PRICE: $600.00
  • Rane TTM56 2-channel mixer PRICE: $250.00
  • Rane TTM57 2-channel mixer PRICE: $400.00
  • Rane Serato Scratch v1-(2 pieces) PRICE: $75.00 each
  • Mackie SRM450 speakers (with or w/o road case)-MADE IN ITALY-(10 pieces) SOLD!
  • Mackie SWA1501 sub (with or w/o road case)-MADE IN ITALY-(3 pieces) SOLD!
  • Mackie SRS1000 sub (with or w/o road case)-MADE IN ITALY-(1 piece) SOLD!
V. Professional Sound/Recording Equipment:
  • ZOOM R8 Digital Recorder:Interface:Controller:Sampler (BRAND NEW IN BOX)-(1 piece) PRICE: $200.00
  • Mackie VLZ 32-channel mixing console with Stagegear Road Case-MADE IN USA (NOT CHINA)-(1 piece) PRICE: $350.00
  • Stagegear SINGLE 18 subs, each loaded with RCF 18-inch drivers-MADE IN USA-(8 pieces) PRICE: $400.00 EACH

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