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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives and the beginning of a new life together.  We want to make sure it is a perfect day and goes exactly as you planned it.  Although there is a well-known format, we do realize that every wedding is as unique as the people in it.  If you are looking for formal style, or want a nightclub feel, we have the DJs and proper sound and lighting gear to do ANYTHING you ask for.  And here is the best part--there are no hidden costs; we have only ONE WEDDING package at ONE LOW COST--the dance floor lighting and incredible sound are already INCLUDED!  Other add-ons such as Wedding Ceremony Services (with sound system), Karaoke, Photo Booth, Custom Monogram Projection, and Custom Uplighting, can be added a nominal costs.

And that's not all.  Eden wrote the first versions of the ONLINE WEDDING PLANNING SOFTWARE, still in use today by several other companies!  We continue to constantly update the software and the songs included within.  The Online Wedding Planner is an INCLUDED and FREE feature which provides you with added convenience and saves you the cost of a wedding consultant.  Yes, you heard that right!  That is, you DO NOT NEED TO HIRE A WEDDING COORDINATOR!  Eden's highly-skilled DJs perform this function--they are the "GLUE" keeping everything going, from the Introductions to the Last Dance.  This feature alone can potentially save you from $2,000.00 to $6,000.00 (wedding coordinators are very expensive, and in our opinion, mostly completely unecessary).

In additiona, our client login system contains a number of interactive online tools designed to help you organize your information and maintain constant communication with us.  Our extensive wedding planner and music playlist builder are unmatched by any other DJ services company.  They not only allow you to document the entire wedding process, but also provide us with timely information in which we use to customize your wedding.  Best of all, whether you are planning your wedding at home or elsewhere, these productivity tools are accessible 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, and all of your work can be SAVED prior to completion, allowing you to come back to it at a later, more convenient time!  Following is more detailed information on our Online Wedding Planner and Tools:


Since the majority of couples have never been married before, our wedding planner tool gives clients the ability to plan and organize their wedding activities without any prior knowledge.  This means, for each CHOOSEN wedding activity, you are able to designate how it is being carried out, or just use our BUILT-IN DEFAULTS.  You are able to choose among the following activities:

  • Ceremony Services: (Yes/No)-and what music to play for each segment of the ceremony
  • Cocktail Hour (Yes/No) and what type of music to play, or use client-provided playlist
  • Introductions (Yes/No), what song to play, and who to announce (the order is pre-determined)
  • Dinner (Yes/No), and what type of music to play, or use client-provided playlist
  • Toast (Yes/No), whom the toaster(s) will be and where, and whether emcee announcement is made
  • First Dance (Yes/No), which song to play, or use a client-suggested song, and whether emcee announcement is made
  • Father/Daughter Dance (Yes/No), which song to play, or use a client-suggested song, and whether emcee announcement is made
  • Mother/Son Dance (Yes/No), which song to play, or use a client-suggested song, and whether emcee announcement is made
  • Bridal Party Dance (Yes/No), which song to play, or use a client-suggested song, and whether emcee announcement is made
  • Bouqet Toss (Yes/No), which song to play, or use a client-suggested song, and whether emcee announcement is made
  • Garter Toss (Yes/No), which song to play, or use a client-suggested song, and whether emcee announcement is made
  • Money Dance (Yes/No), which song(s) to play, and whether emcee announcement is made
  • Other Fun Guest Dances (Yes/No), which song to play, and whether emcee announcement is made
  • Closing Dance (Yes/No), which song to play, or use a client-suggested song, and whether emcee announcement is made

In addition to being able to determine various aspects of your wedding activities, you also have the ability to specify what time each activity should begin.  Of course, on the actual wedding day, the wedding DJ will first check with the staff and/or the couple, especially if there is an impediment (such as making the toasts anouncement, but there is no toasting beverage or glasses on the tables yet).

YOU can edit all emcee announcements, to suit YOUR wedding.  Music selection suggestion is accomplished through "drop-down" music lists.  All suggested music can be played for 30-seconds using our custom, built-in online music player.  As our wedding client, you can work on the wedding planner as long as you wish, save whatever work you have done, and continue working on it at a later time.  This allows you ample opportunities to consult with others before committing to a final wedding plan itinerary.  You can also e-mail yourself a copy of the wedding planner anytime during the process to review it.  When you feel that the wedding planner is nearly complete, we ask that you consult with us either by telephone or in-person to review the planner and go over any other points.  Once we all agree that the wedding planner is perfect, it is finalized.

The finalization process produces a CD of all the music required for the wedding events as well as send e-mailed copy of the planner to both you and our wedding DJ.  On the day of your wedding, we bring extra copies of the wedding planner so that we can share it with the banquet captain and wedding coordinator.  We arrive a minimum of 3-hours early to set up and dress; even earlier if we are also providing sound and music for a wedding ceremony.  We make it our policy to allow for more than adequate schedule to afford plenty of time for handling any unforseen issues.


The playlist builder application allows you to build your own playlist (typically for dinner and for the general dance time) select from our extensive online catalog of over 8,000-songs.  It contains the following features:
  • Create 1 or 2 playlists of 45-songs each (exactly 3 CDs each)
  • Ability to search for songs by artist, song, and genre
  • Ability to listen to songs for 30-seconds
  • Ability to add multiple songs at once, from the currently displayed listing
  • Ability to arrange songs in desired play order, or leave to DJ

Once you have finished your playlist(s), you either finalize it, or let us review it first, then we finalize it.  Finalization creates the lists which we bring to your wedding and folders that we burn the CDs from.  We custom-burn the CDs, label them with your names and the date of the wedding on them, use them during the wedding, then present them to you after the last dance.


Given the extent of our service offerings and the amount of preparation required (we spend anywhere from 20 to 40 hours just preparing for your event), we are offering our wedding services at a flat rate of $700.00 (maximum of 8-hours actual play time).  Regardless of the total number of hours we are hosting your wedding reception, our rate is the same for 4-hours as it is for 8-hours (additional hours billed at $100.00/hour).


Ceremony Services--Required if the ceremony is in a different room than the reception, and you want the music playback to sound excellent and your guests to be able to actually hear the officient and your vows.  At $150.00, our price is very inexpensive, as we use nothing but the very best equipment, and will run the CD players on cue for the different segments of the wedding:

  • Wedding Ceremony Services: add $150.00.  Includes all of the following:
    • A complete 2nd DJ sound system, with dual CD player, and laptop or cell phone hookup.
    • Wireless microphones for the officient and bride/groom (lapel and/or handheld).
    • Properly attired wedding DJ to play the music.
  • Karaoke Services: add $75.00.  Includes all of the following:
    • Karaoke player and monitor.
    • Two wireless microphones.
    • Selection from among 1000s of popular songs.

  • Note that proper lighting at your wedding reception makes a huge difference!  With the proper dance lighting, your guests are more likely to get up and dance, and enjoy themselves.  As previously mentioned, dance lighting is completely FREE of charge to all professional wedding DJ services clients!

    If you have already made your booking reservation with us, please login HERE Call us at 866.501.EDEN (3336) (or send an e-mail to [email protected]) to discuss your event details and specifics.  We thank you for considering us as your Wedding DJ provider and sincerely hope that the information we have provided has been helpful!  We look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    OLD STUFF: For more than 15-years now, Eden USA has supplied thousands of wedding clients with great quality, easy-to-use and affordable audio visual rental gear.  If you need to rent a sound system for your ceremony and toasts, while later getting people on the dance floor, check out our awesome iPlay Sound System. We also have other great PA & DJ System rentals.  To project a video or photo montage during your reception, look at our Projection Packages.  For outdoor weddings--from Golden Gate Park, to Stern Grove to the Lawrence Hall of Science--one of our battery or generator-powered sound systems will be perfect.  Or to capture your memories in well-lit, stunning HD video, see our Video Cameras and Packages.  Lastly, our gobo, uplight and dance floor rentals provide the finishing touches for a beautiful wedding.  We have worked with most of the venues in the Bay Area, from the wineries in Napa to the private mansions in San Francisco, so can advise you or your planner on the idea setup for your wedding. Pick up at our San Francisco, San Jose, Walnut Creek or Los Angeles locations, where we'll show you how everything works. Best of all, our Friday to Monday rental rate is just a one day rate, so you'll have ample time to pickup and return the gear.  Or simply leave it to us to deliver and setup: your choice!

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