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 Eden USA-Wall of Shame 

This is a special page that we decided to publish, so as to warn others about certain individuals that you should NOT HIRE, for any reason or under any circumstance, for the reason(s) listed.  Although all of these persons are bad news, they are listed in descending order of the very worst at the top.  Everything presented here is 100% accurate and true  In most cases, lawsuits and/or criminal charges have been filed against these individuals, so it should be simply a matter of pulling up public records if you wish to verify some of the information presented here.

I. JULIAN CASILLAS (may not be his real name)

This man is the worst of the entire lot, by FAR.  He is a thief of the very worst kind, and when caught, exhibits absolutely no morals nor ethics whatsoever.  While working on an event for Mr. Kenny Jones of Festival Lighting (March of 2015), Mr. Casillas sureptitiously asked if there was any "extra work" that I could hire him for.  He seemed to do a decent job at that event, so I had him help on some of our staging jobs, and he seemed like a good person at first.  The warning flags started appearing a few months later, when I found that he would not thank me when I bought lunch for him, and then caught him walking straight to my refrigerator in my home, and helping himself to whatever he wished, WITHOUT ASKING.  Of course, I expressed that this is not good behavior and to please ASK before taking.  He acted like this was an unusual request, but said he would ask from then on, but I caught him doing it again, when I was not present.  This was officialy the begining of the end.

As part of his pay, and because he did not have an automobile, Mr. Casillas was given full access to one of our delivery vans, which he began to absolutely disrespect and destroy.  He accumulated a large amount of parking tickets and dents and other damages while it (and another truck) was under his care, all of which went on a "I owe you" invoice.  He started lying about where and when the damages were incurred so as to make it seem like they happened while "on a job."  Unfortunately for him, a witness disclosed everything that he was doing, and in so much detail, that it is impossible to dispute.

Then he began stealing.  More than likely because: (1) He is a METH ADDICT; and (2) His debt to us for the damages which he had inflicted upon our delivery vehicles.  He constantly stated that he "loved working for us", but a witness came forward (Mr. David Lopez) and disclosed that he was stealing gear from us.  When confronted with this fact, he admitted it, and said he was very sorry, even producing tears, and promising to never steal anything again.  Of course, this was a lie, and equipment continued to disappear, with him swearing that he was not the person that should be suspected (unfortunately, he was the ONLY person with access).  After his eventual demise (of his own accord), the same witness verified, in detail, that he was indeed the person who had taken all of the missing equipment, and was able to accurately describe each piece of stolen equipment.

What makes this person the absolute worst of the lot, is that he didn't stop at stealing equipment.  It was also discovered that, in addition to expensive rental gear, he stole an amazing list of other personal items, as in the following list:

  • A large amount of computer hard drives, miscellaneous parts, and memory sticks.
  • A Samsung tablet.
  • Over a dozen pieces of equipment-mostly lighting fixtures.
  • Phone chargers, and computer software and cables.
  • Every cooler we had in the warehouse, and even a small personal portable cooler.
  • A brand new pair of binoculars.
  • A minimum of two (2) complete sets of very expensive tools, and related tool bags.
  • Several very expensive cordless drills and other cordless tools, and their chargers.
  • An expensive bicyle/mountain bike (loaned to him out of kindness--and then never returned).
  • A huge amount of FOOD and BEER, and even toilet paper S(TOLEN/TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION).

This list goes on and on.  Sadly, because of his crafty thieving methods, I am still to this day, discovering additional items missing.  It has become impossible to hold back the tears of sadness, and the pure disgust for this human vermin.  This is an extremely nasty-bad person, and must be avoided at all costs.  He has also stolen a great deal of equipment from at least TWO (2) other companies that we know of, including video wall cubes (WOW!).  A lawsuit is pending to bring this terrible individual into court, where he will be sued for the equipment he stole from Eden USA.  UPDATE: The lawsuit was dropped, because of Julian's immigration status, he is basically a GHOST, and impossible to locate.  This is one of the other issues with illegal immigration.


II. JOE SANGPASANESOUK (AKA: Joe Sang or Joe Sang Audio):

FACEBOOK PAGE: Joe Sang on Facebook

Joe Sangpasanesouk (AKA "Joe Sang") is a very crafty con-artist, thief, and meth-addict.  He rented a large amount of equipment from us, then turned around and PAWNED it all, to feed his extremely serious meth habit/addiction.  It took a great deal of work on our part to wreak a bit of justice and recover most of our equipment.



Other than being a consumate alchoholic, Eligio (Eli) Barrios is a fraud, having entered into and promising to pay Eden USA a finder's fee and commission for the sale of an established contract with a client that Eden USA no longer wished to work with, then later REFUSED to pay for the sale of of the client.  He also concocted a scheme whereby his father would store some of Eden's gear at his place of business.  When Eden USA went to pickup this equipment after a few weeks of storing it there, we found that he had already taken a very expensive Pioneer DJM900 mixer and hid it somewhere.  When he was questioned with regards to where the mixer went, he started screaming threats and used abusive language.  Figuring we could deal with the situation later, we called the Chino police regarding the matter.  and they said that it is a "civil matter, and that we would have to take Eli and his father to court to present our case."  Upon further investigation, it turns out that Eli is on probation for Aggravated Assault and Home Invasion.  This is a bad person, with a very serious drinking problem, and is to be avoided at all costs.  Eden USA has not decided yet whether to take him to court to answer to his theft charges-but more than likely, this will happen in the future.


We will be providing a complete description for each of these next three persons and why they deserve to be shamed:


FACEBOOK PAGE: Karl Ochoa on Facebook

Rating: Extremely nasty, horrible excuse for a human being.


FACEBOOK PAGE: Maurice Traylor on Facebook

Rating: Extremely nasty, horrible excuse for a human being.  A total piece of shit.


FACEBOOK PAGE: Randy Garcia on Facebook

Rating: Not a good person-has serious drug abuse problems. Check back soon for a full edit--too much to list now.

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