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YES!  We have the Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS2 ($100.00 for 3-days) and CDJ 2000 NEXUS ($75.00 for 3-days) and the DJM900 NXS2 ($75.00 for 3-days) for rent!

For many years now, DJ gear and DJ gear rentals have been in a unique classification of their own.  This is the reason we have devoted a great deal of effort and expenditure to supplying professional high-end DJ equipment rentals to the special needs of today's DJs.  We are also unique in our offerings, and can proudly boast that there are few other companies have as large a rental inventory dedicated to professional DJs.  This is the REAL DEAL...not low-grade, low-performance gear that you might find at a company that added a small amount of DJ gear to their inventory as an after thought.  We have been renting DJ equipment since the early-90s, and we have experienced DJs on staff to assist you.

In addition to our staging, lighting and sound services, Eden USA RENTS professional DJ gear and small to large DJ sound systems.  SOME EXAMPLES: Rane 68, Allen & Heath Zone 92, Pioneer DJM 900 NEXUS, Pioneer DJM 800, Pioneer DJM2000, Pioneer DJM909, Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS2 and NEXUS CDJs, Pioneer CDJ1000s, Pioneer EFX-500, Rane TTM 57SL, Serato Scratch SL-1 through SL-3, Technics turntables (1200 and 1210 series MKII, M3D, and 1210 M5Gs), QSC, EAW, Turbosound, and JBL speakers, Stagegear, and Mackie (Italian Made by RCF) speakers and subs.  We also carry QSC PowerLite amps, Ultimate and AKG stands, Shure and Sennheiser wireless microphones, Stanton aluminum laptop stands, and much more.  We usually will have what you need!  If we don't, we more than likely can locate it for you!  All of our professional dj gear is tested before and after each use, insuring that it functions properly at your wedding, party, trade show, or corporate event.  If for any reason something goes wrong during an event, we have staff standing by 24-hours to take your call, and if necessary, we will even send out an engineer!

Some of the world's most notable DJs, such as Tiesto, DJ Quick, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Yung Joc, Kaskade, Doc Martin, Jason 'Blackie' Blackmore, DJ Frackture, have rented gear from us for events throughout California and Las Vegas.  As with most of our rentals and event services, you may choose to also include delivery and setup/teardown services, or you can pickup a system or any piece of gear in our inventory from one of our locations (a $100.00 minimum order amount does apply).  Our delivery and setup services are first class, as we not only deliver and setup the gear, but we also test it during a sound check, and if necessary, will explain the basics of operation (as long as the DJ or operator is there during setup).  After your event has ended, we come back and teardown & takeaway the gear (same day or day after), unless you want us to stay on-hand the entire event (extra fees may apply).  DISCLAIMER: Las Vegas and New York rental prices are typically higher than the California rates, and there is NO PICKUP/WILL CALL option in Las Vegas, due to high theft rates.

In addition to having a large inventory of specialized DJ rental gear, we take great pride in the fact that NO OTHER VENDOR beats our pricing!  To receive a no-obligation price quote, please use our REQUEST A QUOTE (RFQ) form.  You can either select single or mutiple items, or choose from of several complete DJ system package (each package is designed to match different size facilities/venues, with the appropriate amount of sound to fill the room properly).  Please be sure to use the comments box on the RFQ form to indicate customizations which you desire.

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