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 The YELP Hidden Reviews 

This page is dedicated to providing a platform to publicy display all of the positive client reviews that are under Yelp's "XX other reviews that are not currently recommended" classification.  Turns out that Yelp only allows a maximum of exactly 15 reviews on it's recommended page, and puts every other review you get under the "...not currently recommended" area.  All of these reviews are taken un-edited from the Yelp wesbite, so the grammar/spelling mistakes have been left in place.

JOE DYER, Santa Ana, CA, on 09/22/2020-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

I bought a snow blower from Amazon for Christmas activities outside on our front lawn.  I worked great but I didn't realized that leaving it in the 'ON' position all the time (Hey, it was on the second story roof and it was rainy last December...) would burn out the pump.  I tried reaching out to the people that sold it to me on Amazon.  Good luck with that.  The owners manual was non-existent.  After a while I tried checking with Yelp and found Paul.  Not only is it now working, but he painted the entire unit and replaced all the screws that were getting rusty (Remember the part about leaving it out in the rain?).  I was blown away.  My wife is a happy camper now that we have snow again for the Christmas display, and after talking with Paul at length, I know how to maintain it so it doesn't burn out or get rusty again.  Very pleased and thankful.

JULIE HAMIL, Diamond Bar, CA, on 09/18/2020-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

Absolutely perfect in every way.  We used a outdoor stage and sound system for our dance studio recital, due to Covid 19, and Paul was easy to work with and ON TOP of his game.  His crew was professional we used his sound guy Bruce he was awesome.  The stage we had built was a SteelDeck stage LARGE in size 30 x 40 feet and it was better than most college theatre stages we have danced on over the past 40 years.  I highly recommend Eden USA and Paul Scott and his entire Crew.  Cant say enough about what a great job Eden USA did for us.  Fine Arts Academy of Dance.

KEN DOUNG, Southwest Anaheim, CA, on 03/10/2020-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

I've been working with Eden USA for the past 5 years.  They are always on time and do an amazing job, whether it's at small lounge or a warehouse venue.  The quality of their equipment is top notch, but is rented at a very reasonable price.  Thank you Paul & Eden USA team, for your excellent services!


Khoi-C.E.O Mainstage Event

STEVE COUILLARD, Lake Forest, CA, on 02/14/2020-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

Eden Lighting is an exceptional company and blows away ALL other lighting/audio rental companies.  Late in the afternoon I sent in a request for quote, 10 minutes later I received a reply with the initial quote.  The school had a tight budget so Paul made good suggestions and provided a fair solution under their budget cap.  Pick up was easy, all products staged and they provided 2 FREE LED uplights for the trussing, an extra lamp and extra DMX cables for the lighting board.  I have given up on the other lighting/audio rental companies and will only rent from Eden Lighting, even for our large corporate event this May.

Thanks Paul and Randy!

Steve Couillard (life long lighting, sound and video technician)

JAY B., Southwest Anaheim, CA, on 02/10/2020-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

The team at Eden took really good care of me today.  Their depth of knowledge of lighting logistics and technique is evident.  They totally understood where I am trying to go with our production and even added enhancements that will really make the show pop.  This group likes to work with schools and is really helping fill in the blanks as I am new into stage production.  They are pricing is really fair and they are very flexible.  They even took time to give instruction on proper set up and their attention to detail added a level of confidence for me That was extremely helpful.  Randy, the technician at the shop, has great enthusiasm and on top of knowing the lighting business has great customer service.

CELISSE Q., Chino, CA, on 12/12/2019-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review 

I was running an event for my workplace and I saw reviews for Paul's company and reached out to him and told him what I was looking for.  He then proceeded to give me the best options for my event and I ended up with lights that only required flipping an on and off switch!  My even turned out super great and everyone loved lights as well!  Definitely, recommend Paul for renting anything to lights and more!

JANIS KOZIOL, Chino, CA, on 12/9/2019-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

Booked up lighting with Eden USA.  Paul Scott was the best in the business that I have worked with.  Knowledgeable, helpful, and great equipment.  You are not going to find a better lighting/stage rental company.  Thank you Paul for everything!

KARLA V., Chino, CA, on 6/5/2019-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review 

Hello! My name is Karla and I play bass for a band.  We were booked to perform at an amazing food fest called Panana Night Market last month and Eden USA were hired as the sound crew.  Amazing experience having sound that loud and smooth!  I give them 5 stars!  And I'm sure the rest of the band would too :)

MICHELLE M., Chino, CA, on 6/2/2019-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

These guys recently ran sound for a HUGE event my band played, and they made every part of the process enjoyable.  We had fully attentive sound checks, which usually never happens, and great people who were music lovers themselves.  We are a 3 piece so sounding thin is always a concern, but Paul and his team were able to highlight each of us and crank us out to the audience.  Thanks guys!!

JEREMY G., Chino, CA, on 10/5/2018-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

I rarely give written reviews, but the team at Eden USA was so helpful at this summer's Laurel Canyon Love Street Festival that I couldn't help myself.  If you need great gear, hard working and friendly people at truly fair pricing, then Eden USA is the way to go!

NERY M., Chino, CA, on 9/1/2018-RATING: 

  Yelp 5 Star Review

Amazing Job!!!  This is the second year that our church has contracted with Eden USA.  Paul and his team did an amazing job setting everything up with excellence and on time.  The stage and the sound were phenomenal!!  You can't beat his service and price.  Thank you Paul for your amazing job.  We highly recommend Eden USA for your next event.

HUGH E., Chino, CA, on 5/30/2018-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

Paul and his team are the best.  They were on time, organized, caring, likable and allowed me to stay within budget.  The team made sure I knew how to use the rental equipment from set up to tear down by explaining all pieces of the equipment.  Paul even said I could call him anytime if I had a problem setting up or with the gear.  I will be sure to contact Eden USA for my future DJ bookings.

TRISTA F., Chino, CA, on 5/26/2018-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

Paul and Randy were superstars for my event!  My school hosted a spring carnival/talent showcase yesterday and they were there to make sure everything ran smoothly.  First of all, I booked last minute and they were still willing to accompany.  Contacting Paul was simple and he made sure the equipment I needed was correct and available; I initially planned to order just one deck.  Seeing the stage after setup, I realized that would NOT have been enough space!  Billing was also a breeze.

Setup and breakdown with Randy was also efficient.  He was punctual and quickly got the stage ready for the show.  He was really nice, too!  He even stuck around to check out the students' performances!  I'd recommend this company to anyone needing quality staging.

MIKE H., Chino, CA, on 3/8/2018-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

Paul Scott and the crew at Eden USA did a great job setting up our band stage and providing audio for our music.  The crew was on time and professional.  Would recommend them for weddings or other events.

MICHAEL N., Chino, CA, on 3/4/2018-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

These guys were great!  Not only were they quick with setup, they helped with wrapping cables to speed up our teardown!  Furthermore, Paul and his crew went above and beyond to find and load a different stage when the city we were performing in started getting bureaucratic with us about stage height.  Thank you for everything, guys!

DANTON C., Chino, CA, on 2/23/2018-RATING:

  Yelp 5 Star Review

All I can say is I am very happy with the quality of the gear I rented and customer service I received.  Always the best working with them!

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