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 Stage and Theatrical Lighting Rental Services 

Eden USA supplies trussing, theatrical and stage lighting rentals for corporate events, weddings, trade shows, and festivals.  We rent either complete stage lighting systems with or without delivery and setup, or individual theatrical style light fixtures.  When renting a complete stage lighting system, you can: (1) choose one which runs automated chase sequences; or (2) a system which is controlled by a professional lighting director (LD) using a DMX lighting console and DMX dimmer paks.

Following is a partial listing of some of the trussing, theatrical and stage lighting products we have in or rental inventory.  These fixtures are used to assemble ambient (including uplighting) and staging lighting rental systems.  Working with us (FREE PHONE CONSULTATION) or your own lighting director (LD), these items can be mixed and matched to create a custom rental lighting system for your event.

If ordering a complete system from us, you may choose to hire a dedicated Lighting Director, who uses lighting fixtures and/or trussing, to "paint" the perfect amount of light throughout your event.  Depending upon power needs and what the facility is able to provide, we can also supply rental generators and supplemental AC power.

I. Stage & Theatrical Lighting Fixtures:

64  Altman 65Q Fresnels
4  Altman Shakespeare Ellipsoidals, 30-degree
2  Altman Comet follow spots
8  Source Four PAR38 lights, with bases or clamps
16  Elcom PAR16 can lights (50-watt), with bases or clamps
16  Elcom PAR46 can lights (150-watt), with bases or clamps
16  Elcom PAR56 can lights (300-watt), with bases or clamps
32  Elcom PAR64 can lights (500-watt), with bases or clamps
8  Dove Systems DM-406 SUG DMX 2000-watt dimmer paks (DMX 5-pin)
8  Elation DP-DMX20L 2000-watt dimmer paks (DMX 3-pin)
1  Dove Systems Q512-M 12-Channel Lighting Console
1  Dove Systems TM-TS 48/24-Channel Lighting Console
2  Martin Mania PR-1 Gobo Projector
8  ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals, 19-degree
8  ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals, 26-degree
8  ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals, 36-degree
8  Elation PAR56 LED Truss Warmers

II. Trussing, Towers, and Lifts:

14  Square Truss, 12-inch, 10-foot Section
4  Square Truss, 12-inch, 7-foot Section
4  Square Truss, 12-inch, 5-foot Section
4  Square Truss, 12-inch, 3-foot Section
4  Universal Junction Box
2  Extra Heavy Duty Crank Tower, with Outriggers
6  Extra Heavy Duty 3 x 3 steel Truss Bases
4  Genie SLC-24 Super Lifts

Call us at 951.496.4236 OR 951.496.4236 to discuss your event and lighting needs, and/or to request on onsite consultation if necessary.

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