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FAST ORDERING MODE--With some exceptions, pricing listed is normally based upon on a WEEKEND, or 3-day rental period.  Pricing for additional days will usually be discounted depending on item availability.  We also have long-term rentals, and can SHIP NATIONWIDE.

CATEGORY: Canopies and Tarps
Rent 20x20 EZ-UP Canopy 20x20 EZ-UP Canopy $40.00
Rent 10x10 EZ-UP Canopy 10x10 EZ-UP Canopy $30.00
Rent 10x15 Plastic Tarp 10x15 Plastic Tarp $5.00
CATEGORY: Microphone and DMX Cables and Accessories
Rent Microphone Wind Screen Microphone Wind Screen $2.00
Rent 100-foot Microphone Cable-XLR 100-foot Microphone Cable-XLR $5.00
Rent Dual Microphone Adapter Dual Microphone Adapter $2.00
Rent 16-Channel Microphone Snake 16-Channel Microphone Snake $30.00
Rent Music Stand Music Stand $5.00
Rent Whirlwind 6-Channel Drop/Stage Snake Whirlwind 6-Channel Drop/Stage Snake $15.00
Rent Microphone Pop Stopper Microphone Pop Stopper $2.00
Rent 50-foot Microphone Cable-XLR 50-foot Microphone Cable-XLR $3.00
Rent 25-foot Microphone Phone Cable-XLR 25-foot Microphone Phone Cable-XLR $2.00
Rent Microphone Splitter (4-in/1-out) Shure Prologue Microphone Splitter (4-in/1-out) Shure Prologue $6.00
Rent Miscellaneous Microphone Adapters Miscellaneous Microphone Adapters $2.00
Rent 24-Channel Microphone Snake 24-Channel Microphone Snake $40.00
Rent Midas DL32 Digital Stage Snake Midas DL32 Digital Stage Snake $75.00
CATEGORY: Power Cabling and Power Accessories
Rent A.C. 4-Way Junction Box, 10-foot A.C. 4-Way Junction Box, 10-foot $3.00
Rent Midas DDA DM12 12-channel Mixer Midas DDA DM12 12-channel Mixer $35.00
Rent Camlock Cable Set, (#2 Gauge, 5-Wire Set) Camlock Cable Set, (#2 Gauge, 5-Wire Set) $50.00
Rent A.C. Distribution, with Generators, Custom Built A.C. Distribution, with Generators, Custom Built $150.00
Rent Whirlwind Cab Driver-Speaker Tester Whirlwind Cab Driver-Speaker Tester $5.00
Rent 100-foot 12/5C 5-Pin Hubble 100-foot 12/5C 5-Pin Hubble $15.00
Rent 50-foot 12/5C 5-Pin Hubble 50-foot 12/5C 5-Pin Hubble $10.00
Rent 25-foot 12/5C 5-Pin Hubble 25-foot 12/5C 5-Pin Hubble $5.00
Rent 100-foot 12/3C 3-Pin Hubble 100-foot 12/3C 3-Pin Hubble $15.00
Rent 35-foot 12/3C 3-Pin Hubble 35-foot 12/3C 3-Pin Hubble $10.00
Rent 25-foot AC Extension Cord 25-foot AC Extension Cord $3.00
Rent 50-foot AC Extension Cord 50-foot AC Extension Cord $4.00
Rent 100-foot AC Extension Cord 100-foot AC Extension Cord $6.00
Rent Multi-Meter Multi-Meter $10.00
Rent Four-Wheel Hand Truck (UPS Style) Four-Wheel Hand Truck (UPS Style) $5.00
Rent Tie-Down Strap Tie-Down Strap $5.00
Rent Cable Tester (MI-CT1) Cable Tester (MI-CT1) $5.00
Rent 1-foot Camlock Turn Around 1-foot Camlock Turn Around $5.00
CATEGORY: Speakon Cabling and Accessories
Rent 25-foot Speakon NL4 Cable 25-foot Speakon NL4 Cable $3.00
Rent Miscellaneous Speaker Adapters Miscellaneous Speaker Adapters $1.00
Rent 50-foot Speaker NL4 Cable 50-foot Speaker NL4 Cable $3.00
Rent 100-foot Speaker NL4 Cable 100-foot Speaker NL4 Cable $5.00

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