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 Sound Staging Lighting-Rent Technics Turntables

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Please keep in mind that we are still working (daily) on this huge project, so not all of our gear is listed yet, but we are getting there!  So until we get this project fully functional, please CALL us at 866.501.3336, or use our  REQUEST FOR QUOTE (or RFQ).

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With some exceptions, pricing listed is normally based upon on a WEEKEND, or 3-day rental period.  Pricing for additional days will usually be discounted depending on item availability.  We also have long-term rentals, and can some products SHIP NATIONWIDE (as indicated).
Rent Technics Turntable 1200M3D

Technics Turntable 1200M3D

(Item ID: 246, QBID: EA0310-005, QTY: 2)

Basic Description
The Technics SL-1200 M3D turntable is basically the same as a Technics SL-1200 MKII with some minor changes. In terms of performance, your getting the same deal as the MKII. However, the Sl-1200 M3D has some added features which some DJs may prefer. First of all, the Sl-12000 M3D has a sunken power on/off switch. The reason for this is that some DJ's complained that the power switch on the Sl-1200 MKII would occasionally be pushed when doing movement intense DJing such as scratching and beat juggling. Another difference comes in the reset bu...



Rent Technics Turntable 1200MKII

Technics Turntable 1200MKII

(Item ID: 16, QBID: EA0310-003, QTY: 2)

Basic Description
THIS IS THE ORIGINAL MODEL-The legendary Technics 1200-MKII turntable! As Technics no longer manufactures these excellent turntables, they are getting more and more difficult to find, especially for rent. AND, we rent them for much less than any other rental company in existence.

Vibration Resistant Construction
A die-cast aluminum body, heavy rubber base, and a lack of unnecessary components or empty space allow the 1200MK2 to absorb unwanted vibrations that could otherwise interfere with the ...



Rent Technics Turntable 1210M5G

Technics Turntable 1210M5G

(Item ID: 207, QBID: EA0310-002, QTY: 2)

Basic Description
If you are serious about spinning vinyl, the TECHNICS SL-1210M5G turntable is for you. With a metallic-black finish and brushed-steel hardware, it looks as good as it sounds. Exclusive to the TECHNICS SL-1210M5G are a digital pitch control, improved tone arm for skip resistance, and adjustable electronic braking system. GENERAL: The digital pitch control makes it easy to adjust pitch and keep it where you want it, and also consistent from turntable to turntable. You can easily change between +/-8 and +/-16 at the touch of a button, or reset...



Rent Technics Turntable 1210MKII

Technics Turntable 1210MKII

(Item ID: 245, QBID: EA0310-001, QTY: 2)
Basic Description

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